Thursday, October 16, 2014

Farmers' Market Purchases

We bought these broccoli crackers, which would be perfect for hummus. We can't seem to find hummus in town, but a booth at the market sold tahini. I'll grab some tahini next weekend and make my own hummus. The dude loves grapes, but they are so dang expensive here. That little container in the photo was $6!! We saw a slightly larger package for $10. Wow! We ended up buying some apples for $1 each. That seemed like a real bargain next to the grapes. In general, food is much more expensive here. We bought bananas at the regular grocery store for about 25 cents each. The dude has adjusted to the sticker shock, but I'm still trying to do it. We did buy some fresh baked goods at the farmers' market. I picked out the most amazing English muffin and the dude picked out a banana muffin sprinkled with sesame seeds. I can see that English muffin becoming a weekend tradition for me. I opened the package and the yeast smell was just perfection.
Savory broccoli crackers. Nom. Need hummus stat.Grapes are expensive!! This little sampler box was $6; we saw a similar size package of another grape for $10!These apples were next to the grapes, so I picked a $1 apple for a treat.Vegan English muffins! Fresh made yeasted bread is ah-mazing. The dude got a banana-y muffin topped with sesame seeds.

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