Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pure Cafe - Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

After a nap, we used the Happy Cow app to find a place to have dinner. We found an all vegan cafe called Pure Cafe. We were there before 6, so we were stuck ordering from the lunch menu. The food was fine, but the little orange mix contained peanuts so we didn't eat it. I liked the bread and soup, but didn't even think to ask what the vegan butter/margarine was. I don't know what to look for in the store to identify vegan butter. Even though we ordered off the lunch menu, we still ordered a dessert from the case. We picked carrot cake and cheesecake. I bit into the cheesecake and immediately tasted peanut butter. Thankfully the dude only took a bite or two before me. He asked about it, and yes, it had peanut butter. It looked like his bottom lip swelled and darkened a little, but he did not have a severe reaction to the peanuts. We got lucky this time. We need to learn to say no peanuts!
Dinner at Pure Cafe, a vegan cafe, in Shibuya. Vegan carrot cake and peanut butter cheesecake at Pure Cafe in Shibuya.

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