Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Farmers' Market - Weekend #2

I think going to the market is going to be a standard weekend activity for us. We weren't able to find the lady with vegan English muffins, but we did find another vegan booth selling muffins. Go Muffins Go sells only sweet muffins. They had a little flyer for Vegfest at their booth. We saw an animal rescue group showcasing their available dogs. We stopped for puppy kisses, of course! We had lunch at the Cori vegan truck again. This time we stopped at the tahini booth and bought a bottle. The food processor is almost here, so we can make hummus!
The English muffin lady wasn't at the UNU market, but we found a new vegan muffin booth!#puppykisses #inheavenVegetable bowl at Cori vegan food truck. That tofu was really eggy!Hummus is in our future!!

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