Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happily Reunited!

After living thousands of miles apart for 5 or 6 weeks, we are finally reunited in Tokyo! I flew in last Thursday. Given the time change, I arrived on Friday afternoon. The dude told me that immigration and customs could take a long time, so I rushed off the plane. I got through in less than half an hour. He was still on the train to come meet me. Whoops! He felt a little guilty for making me wait at the airport, but I was just glad to be on the ground safely and that all my luggage arrived. I have a slight flying phobia, mostly because the airport security post-9/11 is just so tedious. He requested that I receive TSA pre-check, so it was actually a really pleasant experience. I didn't have to remove my shoes or take anything out of my carry-on bags for X-ray. My huge bags were also checked for free due to his air-miles status. Sitting in a chair for an hour didn't sound so bad after already sitting for so long on the flight. We took the train home, and then missed our stop. Another whoops! The train from the airport has a baggage area with locks in each car. One of the lock cords got tangled on my bag, so we couldn't get off the train before the doors shut. Thankfully I did not get off the train thinking he'd be right behind me. We would have been separated, effectively making me lost. We were able to get off at the next stop, take another train back to our stop, and grab a cab home. I've got a ton of photos from our weekend, so I'm going to break them up into multiple posts.
Our first selfie. <3Rode the train home last night... And missed our stop. Haha.

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