Thursday, October 2, 2014

MoFo: The Misc, Part 2

Here is the second set of misc photos. These are from a Radical Eats brunch I attended a couple months ago. We sat outside, so the sun was coming through the cracks in the patio covering. The photos aren't the best quality, but the food was good (and all-you-can-eat!). And because I'm pale, I got a bit of sunburn from sitting outside.

Stuffed cabbage roll

 photo 1f81b92b-b791-4518-9c91-70c8be1057b2_zps90b0a661.jpg

Asian-inspired crepes

 photo 9f5f6041-276c-485d-b164-f59c00571a9b_zpsa8baa7d3.jpg


 photo a87ac07b-cad5-42a2-8f1e-66082ccedf29_zpsdcacb88a.jpg

WAFFLES & PANCAKES - they said these were gluten-free too, perfect for my table-mates.

 photo 51079bf2-dd97-4884-a77b-2db6ee95ea45_zpsf5dc5e74.jpg

 photo IMG_3507_zps78889aa2.jpg

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