Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Revolution Ice Cream - Brandon, FL

This is a small ice cream shop that my mom and I spotted as we were running errands. It's called Revolution Ice Cream and it's located in the corner of a strip mall. They always have a dairy-free sorbet option. We have visited twice. The first time they offered a lavender lemonade sorbet, it tasted like lemonade without any lavendar to me. The second time they offered a pumpkin cider sorbet, which had all the pumpkin pie spices that represent the season. We went on a day that was actually cool, like a hint of fall. That's all gone now, it's hot again. I leave tomorrow, so there will be a period of radio silence on this blog. :)
 photo 04994f96-f6c3-4e07-9890-d3f345485825_zps7e42e6bb.jpg  photo c5769bd9-255d-4ab8-8afb-1924c87f4280_zps0bdd3a74.jpg

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