Sunday, March 9, 2014

WF Kirby Hot bar

The WF Kirby store stepped up its hot bar selections for vegans. The Waugh location usually has better vegan options (that's the one closer to the dude's house). I was planning to get a tofu/noodle box and spring roll thingy from the chilled section, but then I saw Indian spiced tofu and lentils with veggies on the hot bar. I don't know what compelled me to check the hot bar since it's been so lame in the past (rice, beans, steamed veg). Between cold food and hot food, I'll take the hot food, please! I got just these and no rice, because who wants to pay for rice by weight? The temperature must have dropped about 30* on Sunday, even dropping several degrees and starting to rain while I was in the store. I ate this in the WF store before finishing my other errands.
 photo 812e537d-aeee-4487-b8ae-6f87dd01e1f3_zpsb9346c88.jpg

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