Thursday, March 13, 2014

Green Vegetarian - West Houston, TX

I went to another vegan brunch at Green with friends. We went a little later to be able to go from the restaurant to the rodeo protest. I ordered a TVP-based BBQ sandwich with Daiya cheese with fries AND a tofu scramble, chorizo, and potato breakfast burrito. NOM. I ordered too much because I couldn't decide between the two entrees and I knew we'd be outside for a long time. I loved the BBQ sandwich, so messy and delicious, but the breakfast burrito was pretty awesome too. I also ordered a strawberry cupcake with chocolate frosting.
 photo 0398025c-407b-4ec7-a40a-e62738a3a53f_zps5a7b3b0d.jpg  photo d6f0bdf6-9f34-4a87-8492-58d63c0aaed9_zps69384110.jpg  photo 4505acea-7c1a-4554-a0b9-477268d46fda_zps4fa367a4.jpg

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