Friday, March 14, 2014

VSOP Potluck

I brought a toasted coconut chocolate cream pie in a square pan. There were a lot of bean and rice dishes, but I also got some Turkish rice, cornbread, polenta casserole, tortilla chips, chick'n enchilada casserole, mango and black bean salsa, and more beans/bean-based stews and tortilla chips. I also brought the new Earth Balance chips - sour cream and onion chips and cheddar chips - to share with VSOP. I kept a bag of sour cream and onion chips for my table. They are so good! I'm glad I bought 3 bags, because I still have a bag in my pantry. :)
 photo 9bfe531f-2cdc-414d-8907-b5cd67f8e03d_zps50814a58.jpg  photo a0aefa48-b2a9-4df2-889a-d4323a8db6c9_zps8a163669.jpg

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