Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Green Seed Vegan - Third Ward, Houston, TX

I went to protest the rodeo this past Saturday. If you like my shirt, I ordered it from Compassion Co. After the protest, we went to get a bite at Green Seed Vegan. I got my blackberry cheesecake first, so I got a photo of it. It tasted like basil for some reason. However, when my Big Tex burger arrived, I forgot to take a photo. The Big Tex is my favorite sandwich there, but I haven't tried everything on the menu yet. I wish the cauliflower nuggets were twice as abundant!
 photo c1241e69-aad7-4d14-ae61-dd698ec0859b_zpscfc4c7e8.jpg  photo c6d89ee0-2dee-4c41-94ed-94f5ab4d3fc6_zpsd296193d.jpg

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