Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fat Cat Creamery - The Heights, Houston, TX

I found out that vegan ice cream exists in Houston! Woohoo! Turns out that Fat Cat Creamery in the Heights always carries a coconut-based chai tea ice cream, but they sometimes have other flavors too. Over the weekend, I organized a trip there with some vegan friends. I ordered the chai flavor and topped it with some salted caramel sauce from Austin's Sweet Ritual. I also ordered a strawberry sorbet push-pop. They had another dairy-free push-pop, I think the flavor was raspberry-lychee. YUM. I will definitely return, especially as the summer begins. Maybe I can get an ice cream float with root beer.
 photo bdebf6fb-d1a5-42d6-9ed6-2e823e1afa66_zps8d9c8b19.jpg

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