Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thai Cottage - Houston, TX

Went to Thai Cottage without even seeing a movie at the theater next door. The dude and I went to an engagement party at St. Arnold's Brewery last weekend, but we didn't eat many of the snacks served. He had a piece of non-vegan cake while I sipped on a diet coke. We stopped by Thai Cottage after the party ended. I tried something new, a flat rice noodle dish with fried tofu and veggies. He got the usual yellow curry with baked tofu. His curry was a little spicier than usual. This place always delivers great quality food!
 photo 68c4a573-851b-49fc-8b1a-d9f8e5ad9449_zpsb168737e.jpg  photo 9de1a51b-becd-4fd0-b698-ceea93fc421b_zpsaf184a37.jpg

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