Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dude to the rescue!

I got stuck at work very late mid-week. The last shuttle home left an hour before I was done with my work. I knew that was going to happen, so I texted the dude earlier in the afternoon to ask if he'd be able to pick me up. I also texted a friend as a back-up plan. He agreed to pick me up at 9 PM when I was done. I just expected him to pick me up and drop me off at home. Nothing fancy. He brought me dinner, a vegan pho bowl from the Whole Foods in Sugarland. The broth was packed separately from the other ingredients, so I mixed them together to heat them in the microwave. I added the sriracha and he totally asked me if that's what I was doing in the kitchen for so long. He picked this up on his way home, so he had it ready for me whenever I finished up at work. He also picked up a copy of the new Thrive magazine and entertained the cats while I was eating. I think he spoils me too much. I wish our WF stores inside the loop had the noodle bar like the Sugarland store.
 photo 6fc091ff-c140-4e65-8934-0285729270e9_zps287ac776.jpg  photo b62350e5-c7aa-4157-b662-c035a8090610_zps082e09ba.jpg

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