Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Dude Goes to the WF Hot Bar

The dude and I had a House of Cards marathon the other night. We're not done with the series yet. He picked up some food from WF for dinner. The store closer to his house is way better than the store by my house. He got us the same size boxes this time, but he didn't eat most of his. Our appetites are exact opposites - he's a grazer and I'd rather eat 3 solid meals a day. I smashed down my box. He knows that as long as it's vegan, I'll eat it with very few exceptions (raw tomatoes, anise, and fennel seed are on the NO list). There was falafel, quinoa with beans, a giant tofu slab, rice, cauliflower mash, and some Indian peas. He also bought an 85% cocoa bar for dessert. He had never tried chocolate that dark before, so he was not impressed. I warned him that dark chocolate, particularly over 60% cocoa, is an acquired taste. He nibbled on the bar over the weekend though, so maybe he'll grow to like it. It took me a while to like cocoa that dark and I still tend to buy 65% with mint or nuts mixed in.
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