Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lunch from WF

I grabbed lunch from the Montrose Whole Foods last weekend, so the dude and I could have lunch before heading out to see friends. Nom nom. I got chicken-fried tofu and chipotle roasted sweet potatoes. He wanted pizza. I bought us two pieces of cashew cheesecake, but he ate fruit instead of his piece. More for me! There were tasty looking Indian foods on the hot bar, but one contained milk and one contained peanuts. Boo. I just decided to get vegan things from the deli case while the dude's pizza was in the oven.
 photo d79e79b2-73af-4e45-9e7e-5df29b6e9ebc_zpsd586191f.jpg  photo 52a29ebe-97f9-4ff5-8e3f-14f63e342644_zps009731e5.jpg

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