Friday, March 21, 2014

Black Bean Burgers

When I was at Fiesta a few weeks ago, I saw these Chez Marie vegan burgers in the freezer. They're free of corn, soy, and gluten, in addition to being vegan. Great for friends with allergies! I cooked them in the oven, served them on some wheat buns, and added the usual toppings of ketchup, lettuce, and pickles. The flavor is great, but they're a little soft. I'd expect that from a burger not held together by flour, bread crumbs, or gluten. I'd definitely buy these for future quick meals.
 photo 93a46a00-1e68-490e-879c-415d816123a8_zpscdf84b02.jpg  photo 31d52911-536e-4b16-b0a5-b889ab2bd043_zps1fea34e4.jpg

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