Sunday, February 23, 2014

Soy Curls!

Now that I have quite the surplus of soy curls in the pantry, I decided to use some of them for dinner. I made this stir-fry recipe from Olives for Dinner, except I didn't use the veggies listed. The photography and writing on that blog are awesome, so check it out. I rehydrated the soy curls, then fried them up as described. I made rice and broccoli in the rice cooker. I made this as a doubled recipe, but fried the second half of the soy curls without the cornstarch coating and stored the leftovers separately from the rest of the food so they won't get soggy. These were worth the work of frying something and getting over my fear of cooking with hot oil while alone. This blew take-out food out of the water! The crunchy texture and thick sauce were awesome together. I sprinkled some sesame seeds and cashews on top for a little more fat. ;)
 photo 959d05ea-a8b0-4255-8e2a-e5efe8da910e_zps512d5bb2.jpg

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