Saturday, February 1, 2014


Now that I'm all caught up on food posts, I should probably write down my resolutions.

(1) Be more active. I played kickball, soccer, and tennis in 2013, but didn't work out regularly. The dude and I both resolved to work out more, so we can hold each other accountable. In the middle of January, we decided to try a 90 day challenge of eating cleaner and working out more. We'll see how it goes!

(2) Pay off the cats' vet bills. I still owe a lot. I was hoping my mom would give me more money at xmas. She gave me a nice chunk, but I still have a big balance. Blah. We discussed a plan, so hopefully it will be paid off by the next holiday season. I was hoping my mom would pay more and I could join a kick-ass gym, but that's on hold until this debt is out of my life!

(3) Continue to build a healthy and happy relationship with the dude. I want to nurture our relationship. I'm usually not an overly emotional person, but I really like him. <3 He spoils me way too much, but I hope he is as happy as I am.

(4) Quit biting my nails. I actually did this successfully at the end of 2012 and first half of 2013... but as soon as I became miserable in my old job and started searching for my new job, I started chewing on them again to handle the stress. I stopped painting them weekly and that made me feel less guilty about picking at them. I will start with painting them again and hopefully that will help me stop biting them for good this time.

(5) Keep diet soda as a treat instead of a part of my daily lunch. Don't buy it, it won't go in my lunch. I did this for several months in 2013, but again caved when miserable at my old job.

(6) Read more for work so I can write an awesome fellowship application this year.

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