Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rabbit Food Grocery - Austin, TX

Every time I go to Austin, I try to place an order with Rabbit Food Grocery. They're the only place I know of that carries the new vegan Earth Balance chips in sour cream and onion flavor and cheddar flavor. I also picked up No Whey candies by Premium Chocolatiers, an Amy E's cashew and caramel bar, salted caramel sauce from Sweet Ritual (Austin's vegan ice cream parlor), soy curls, and Match Meats' vegan ground beef sub. I've never had Match vegan meats before, but they got a great review on Vegan Crunk (here). I met up with the Rabbit Food folks at their scheduled pick-up at Counter Culture, but we chose not to order anything from CC since we had just finished brunch at Kerbey Lane. Hopefully they'll have a store soon! After the Rabbit Food pick-up, we zipped over to Wheatsville for Go Max Go candies, Cocomels, and Treeline nut cheese. NOM.
 photo ca2d752a-c485-4fce-a8c7-55472def0fad_zps444a1467.jpg  photo 4617785f-ac77-4233-a988-2b3b35232ede_zps82195a63.jpg

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