Monday, February 10, 2014

Amy's Frozen Meals

In a week, I worked 70 hours, hence my absence from blogging. I didn't get a chance to schedule a bunch of posts like I usually do. I have a big week ahead this week too, but it should be a little calmer than the last week! I ended up running to the grocery store for some vegan Amy's meals before going to soccer one night. I tried the mattar tofu and the roasted vegetable tamale. They were on sale, so that was cool. I was surprised that these meals were as good as they were. I don't normally eat things like this, but sometimes you just have to get something to eat. I was on my way to soccer, so a burrito would have been a terrible choice. It's good to know that these are decent for the next time my work day becomes 12 hours long.
 photo 0963fa97-a48c-41eb-b47a-d495303830ce_zps7379e6c3.jpg  photo a85d9a51-2186-405f-8c06-c21c3e55eb14_zpsa0c1f57e.jpg

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