Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Green Vegetarian - Houston, TX

I just realized I never took a photo of my panang curry from Thai Cottage this past weekend. The dude and I went there for dinner before seeing the Lego movie. Oh well, it was tasty and we were too busy talking for me to remember taking a photo. Can't complain about that. However, I did remember to bust out my camera at last weekend's vegan brunch at Green. My friends organize it weekly, but this time there were SO many people! The final head count was 19 people. The dude didn't join us since he had lots of things to do, but I ate too much food. I ordered the migas plate, 2 pancakes, a maple-walnut cupcake, and got to try the new vegan BBQ and Daiya quesadilla and brownie from someone else's plate. (Can you say #FATFAT?) I was still full in the evening, so I had crackers and Treeline for dinner. Healthy, right? Sundays are for epic cheat meals! ;)
 photo 3560ee63-9f4b-45f5-94fa-10eda46ce67d_zps3702260b.jpg  photo bbc0628c-b7be-4a9e-ade4-45f7c746d80d_zpsb15d6090.jpg  photo bf23d00d-81bd-4b67-b078-a960872317dc_zps54821424.jpg

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