Thursday, February 20, 2014

BBQ Revolution & Red Rabbit Donuts - Austin, TX

The new Northloop trailer park is home to Red Rabbit Co-op Bakery, BBQ Revolution, Unity Vegan Kitchen, and Taco 'Bout It. The taco place is not all vegan, but there are vegan options. The other three businesses are all vegan. I really wanted to try the BBQ Revolution food and get donuts from Red Rabbit. I love donuts and there are no vegan donuts in Houston. I ordered the raspberry jam filled and the jam and chocolate filled heart shaped donut. The concept of BBQ Revolution intrigued me. They were out of seitan brisket, but it has peanut butter so I would not have been able to order it this weekend anyway (the dude can't have peanuts). The dude and I both ordered the smoky soy curl sandwiches. The dude got potato salad on his sandwich as suggested by the employee, but I chose to put my mac and cheese on the side. The mac needs a little more nooch. It's just not very rich, but it is soy-free if that's important to you. Overall, NOM.
 photo bb6043e4-74ee-4505-b69a-8f9ab37b4c7b_zps921c294a.jpg  photo 19f50cbb-d126-49a7-ae79-a03e377dd54c_zps59b927b5.jpg


  1. This is my favorite section of town right now! I'm so happy that there's some great vegan options closer to where I live (just north of Austin). My only gripe is that Red Rabbit sells out so quickly, and usually closes super early except during special events.

  2. LOVE those doughnuts. I always buy some when I visit Austin.

  3. I wish there were vegan donuts in Houston. I wish we could have stopped at Sweet Ritual too, but alas we had to get back before a certain time.