Friday, February 21, 2014

Kerbey Lane Cafe - Austin, TX

I recently saw a brunch plate on Twitter that looked incredible. I follow several Austin vegan bloggers on Twitter. One posted a pumpkin cinnamon roll pancake from Kerbey Lane Cafe. Um yes. The vegan special pancake this past weekend was vanilla, which was a simple choice that was a perfect pairing with the vegan brunch platter. The platter has tofu scramble, homemade soy sausage, and pancakes. I ordered a side of home fries for extra calories. I really enjoyed this brunch, but I felt so stuffed afterwards. I probably could have done without the potatoes, but what is brunch without potatoes? The dude ordered a vegetarian breakfast quesadilla. He eats vegetarian at home and with me (mostly vegan with me actually), but he has ordered meat/fish recently with his friends. He's trying to find the perfect balance for himself, so I'm still holding out a tiny bit of hope that he'll one day go vegan. I guess he's just not quite ready to be the "odd" one with some of his friends in certain social settings. This was a topic we both had avoided discussing, but a guest at the wedding we attended in Austin straight up asked him if he's veg *because of me.* I used that as a way to discuss that I want him to make this choice for himself and for his own health, not think that I demand this from him. He's just trying to find his way and he said he has no problem eating vegetarian at home and with me, but he wants the flexibility to order meat when going out (clearly with friends, not in front of me!). We ended that discussion with me saying that I appreciate his efforts and his openness to go to vegan/vegan-friendly places with me and that I like many, many things about him so we can work through differences in diet. I really like him and I think we can find a balance that works for us. All of my previous boyfriends have been omnis, so this is my first vegetarian relationship. It's a touchy topic to discuss because I don't want to be demanding or preachy. I want to be inspirational. He inspires me to work out and be more active. I want to inspire him to eat as many plants as possible. We went out for this tasty brunch after such a serious conversation. It was a bit of relief to finally discuss something we'd both been thinking about, but weren't sure how to start such a conversation.
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