Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthday/Valentine's Weekend

I left work early on my birthday, but the dude couldn't get out of work early. We had planned to head up to Austin that evening, but we decided to stay in Houston. We went to Radical Eats for a vegan Valentine's dinner. The appetizers were beet borscht soup, a jalapeno popper, and a little beet salad. We picked different entrees so we could try both choices on the special menu. I got the veggie/tofu tart with roasted veggies. He ordered the veggie charcuterie pizza. My entree was better than his pizza. The pizza needed more flavor under the veggies, like a strong garlic and herb olive oil sauce. The dessert was a chocolate mousse or some truffles. We split the mousse, it was insanely rich. We each had a glass of red wine, but I'm not sure if my wine was vegan. The service was very good again, so the dude and I would like to try going on a non-holiday to see if that level of service is consistent. We exchanged gifts after dinner and watched the first few episodes of House of Cards.
 photo c314d4aa-5d71-4a77-aa78-29ab9cc6c102_zpsf7a52fa0.jpg  photo a8eadef1-ef9b-4837-a4a1-68d51377ff73_zpsd2153195.jpg  photo d8bf9854-9964-4d55-9373-29c8b0db9011_zps33d590aa.jpg  photo e26d78f8-8a31-4b84-b46c-441e6bb95bd8_zps6229495d.jpg  photo 355f56ad-e06d-4c26-a41a-e4bb406ec40c_zps59194ad7.jpg  photo e05c5e13-7144-4219-9f1d-76919ea3a32d_zpsf64baf73.jpg

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