Monday, February 17, 2014

Brunch at Green Vegetarian - Houston, TX

Another Sunday brunch at Green. I got the chorizo and tofu scramble tacos with Daiya vegan cheese, plus an order of pancakes. The chef offered us free desserts because he liked my "wings are for flying not frying" shirt (from Herbivore, sold here). Sweet! The pancakes were incredible, the tacos were delicious, and the Twinkie knock-off was quite good. I loved the meal and it was great to have brunch with the dude and some friends. We had a smaller crowd than the last time I went to brunch because the organizers were on a dog rescue mission.
 photo a8f3aee2-971f-4e38-8b12-d3c2b34c180e_zpsc6ff7898.jpg  photo 3e94ba7f-97b4-49be-aeb7-78c7b6b600b0_zps0d319ede.jpg

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