Saturday, March 30, 2013

Victoria Vegan Sauces

One of my favorite things about Houston is the surprisingly good selection of vegan goodies at Fiesta Market. The selection at Whole Foods is awesome, but Fiesta is my go-to grocery store. There is a wide selection of natural products and a nice selection of vegan specialty products. I even gave them a list this morning of suggested items. Anyways, why am I telling you all about my love of Fiesta? The store by my house started carrying some of the Victoria Vegan Sauces!! These are highly praised online and I couldn't justify paying for shipping. I was walking through the store last weekend and saw an end cap display of sauces and chia pasta. I already had a grocery list for the week, so I decided to pick up a sauce this weekend. I decided to buy the arugula pesto alfredo. I had some extra vegetables in the fridge and thought a pasta dish would be a simple way to use the veggies. I cooked some white beans in my slow cooker today, then sauteed the zucchini and squash while the pasta was cooking. After draining the water from the pasta, I poured in the sauce, the veggies, the beans, and stirred like my life depended on it! I want saucy goodness to get inside the penne noodles. I've got to say the sauce was VERY creamy and I could detect the peppery notes of the arugula. The creaminess comes from cashews! Yum! I wouldn't buy these every week, but they're definitely worth the $5 or so per jar. What a great sauce for a quick dinner!
 photo c72f3aed-bc45-4621-874d-19e5bc6940c4_zps8dc5707d.jpg  photo b2b2146e-6f80-4093-bd79-4d16dc7608cf_zps64bab120.jpg  photo 2a63348e-3553-4066-972e-ab8b94e88a4b_zpsa9ba3186.jpg


  1. I will have to see if I can find these sauces and give them a try :-) I've always wanted to try a vegan sauce made from cashews.

  2. On the Vegan Crunk blog, Bianca wrote that these are creamier than any cashew sauce she's made herself. I agree. I've only made a few cashew-based sauces, but these were thicker. I did notice they list xantham gum near the end of the ingredients list, so that's probably why these sauces are thicker than anything I've whipped up at home.