Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cashew Queso

Robin Robertson has released a new book, Nut Butter Universe, which was heavily promoted on several blogs over the last couple weeks. I immediately knew I had to make this recipe for a Mexican-inspired quinoa dish with CASHEW QUESO. I could have cared less about the quinoa/bean part of the dish. I was dying to try the CASHEW QUESO and have an excuse to make something new in the Vitamix. Well, the queso was quite good, but the dish itself needed a little more spicy heat for me. I would recommend using fresh tomatoes instead of canned, because I added everything to the rice cooker to heat after the quinoa was done. The canned tomatoes tasted like the can because they didn't get cooked through enough the first night.
 photo 96f34c9d-d8c9-45f8-acc8-7705289916b4_zps06234ffd.jpg

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