Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fleur de Sel Cupcakes

I recently ordered Chloe's Vegan Desserts and was SOOO excited to flip through the book. Her other book, Chloe's Kitchen, is incredible. I've made about a dozen recipes from that book and loved them, so I pre-ordered the dessert book. A dessert book written by the first vegan to win on Food Network can only be awesome! When the dessert book arrived, I was immediately drawn to the fleur de sel cupcakes. I've never made caramel, much less vegan caramel, so I've never enjoyed the new trend of fancy sea salt on sweet desserts. The caramel came out well, but I did notice that the frosting got a little firm when left sitting on the counter. I gave it a stir and it seemed fine. Maybe my caramel was still a little too warm when I made the frosting. I bought a small bag of fleur de sel from Whole Foods for $15!! The first bag I saw was $30 and I about died in the aisle. I did manage to find the smaller bag on a lower shelf after the initial sticker shock wore off. These cupcakes were delicious, I will have to use my fleur de sel for many more desserts. Yum!
 photo c7a43bb9-28ac-4d05-b568-dd8aebecb8ca_zps245b47c2.jpg

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