Sunday, March 17, 2013


This weekend has been so lovely! The weather has been in the 70's this week, so I went outside to run this weekend. I couldn't resist soaking up the sunshine along my running route. After my morning runs, I've been meeting up with friends for fun. On Saturday, my friend and I went to lunch at Green Seed Vegan, where we ran into our other friend with his nephew. We both thought our other friend was working, so we were really excited to see him. I ordered the Big Tex burger and cauliflower nuggets. SO GOOD! My friends ordered the raw tacos and paninis. All of us went to the health museum, which is a small museum designed for kids. There are lots of interactive displays about the human body. After that, we went our separate ways. I ended up going to a kickball party, but that bar was dead. The next bar was also dead. However, the last bar had midget wrestling! CRAZY! My labmate accepted my invitation to go out with kickball people. Yay! Today, I stopped by my friend's house and she shared her cashew cheese and cupcakes with me. I'm really going to miss her when she moves. She's a scientist, she's interesting, and she's been vegan about the same time as me but she's a slightly better chef. She's having a luau themed house party this weekend, so I picked up a PVC pipe for a limbo bar when I was at Lowe's buying new plants. One of my plants died in the winter, so I bought some new plants today. OK, time for pictures!
 photo 8209af37-56e3-41ff-9e07-a7978fdbc74d_zpsd39f426e.jpg  photo a92b4548-5dcb-42d1-b567-c0b08d07d859_zps2983e5bc.jpg  photo 03bd2ba8-2298-4a7a-8cbd-6ea45cc9e5c1_zps984f71a9.jpg  photo 922dd2fb-8f81-43fa-bd59-1c7191e7c0f3_zps3aaa1f01.jpg

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