Friday, March 22, 2013

Madras Pavilion - Houston, TX

A friend invited me to try Madras Pavilion, a local Indian restaurant chain. The location that we went to has been cited and closed by the Health Department several times in the last couple years. I found that out as I was Googling for this post. I can report that I did not get food poisoning from this place, but I'll try to suggest other Indian places in town to my friend. We went to the lunchtime buffet and the woman working was very helpful in finding out which items contained dairy. The food was OK, but surprisingly was not spicy at all. I always think of spicy heat with Indian food because my former roommate (in the Baton Rouge house) was from a region of India that used A LOT of hot spices.
 photo b7373801-756a-4cb8-b055-700539ccf56b_zpsaedffd2f.jpg

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