Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Pie for Potluck Lunch

My friend hosted another potluck last weekend. I brought strawberry truffle pie last time, so this time I brought chocolate mint pie. The truffle pie was made from cashews and coconut, proving to be a calorie bomb. She invited more people this time, so I wanted to bring a lighter pie to leave room for everyone's dishes. I selected the chocolate mint pie because it's made using tofu. I used the same walnut and date crust though, since the host is still on her elimination diet. She can eat soy now, but still can't eat wheat. We had fresh fruit, mushroom risotto, homemade sushi (!), fried faux meat from a local vegetarian place, my pie, plantain and tofu stew with rice, tabbouleh, and baba ganoush. My friend sent the links for the stew, noting that she used vegetable broth in the stew recipe and used this marinade recipe to make tofu taste like ham. After we hung out and played a card game, we had some gluten-free and vegan cake that was frozen after Lunar New Year. We didn't get to the cake then, so my friend froze it and we decided to serve it this weekend. Overall, a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon and meet some new people.
 photo 8ba98126-3587-4321-992c-079c6d918fcc_zps4c33e57c.jpg  photo 1e844324-aa26-440e-af23-8834f28d6b9a_zpsb7c47193.jpg  photo 102b605f-afe2-4604-b278-679a99615baf_zpsc6678b7e.jpg

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