Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green Seed Vegan - Houston, TX

I had a birthday recently. The big 27! You don't get anything special for turning 27. I was a little sad about having a birthday without seeing my family, but a friend invited me to do something to celebrate. I decided to stay in on my actual birthday. I filed my taxes and spent part of my refund on online shopping. I ordered some books and the new Twilight DVD. I watched some movies rented from the Redbox. Judge away! ;) To celebrate, I got my friends together for dinner at Green Seed Vegan. It's a little place, but a couple of my friends recommended it. I ordered the Illy Cheesesteak sandwich made with mushrooms and a side of cauliflower nuggets. The sandwich was just mushrooms and vegan Daiya cheese, but I wish it had onions and peppers too. All my friends ordered paninis. I was hoping they'd have shakes, but they only serve ice cream in the summer. I would like to return since it was tasty and pretty cheap.
 photo da4bda03-68b1-4212-9f12-925af98227d6_zpsd5c5fdae.jpg  photo e86d948c-3209-4d66-b7aa-da6961ae6a94_zpsa3f35a5b.jpg

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