Monday, February 25, 2013

Annual Red Beans & King Cake

Every year, I make red beans and King Cake. I even bought Camellia brand dry red beans this year. I always use the red beans recipe on FatFreeVegan and the King Cake recipe on KitteeKake. She has posted new gluten-free versions this year too. The red beans recipe calls for chipotle peppers. After using just one pepper from the can, I blended the rest and aliquoted it in 1 Tbs portions into an silicon ice tray. Each tablespoon is equal to one pepper with some sauce, so I can freeze the portions and pull out one cube every time a chipotle pepper is needed. Just a way to stretch those pennies, friends! I didn't get a photo of this year's King Cake, but Mizz B got a lovely photo of her King Cake at the last vegan potluck. Her King Cake was way prettier than mine! I've never made a King Cake quite as beautiful as hers!
 photo 27bc55d6-4afa-4651-86eb-435cd270e2eb_zpscf8abcaf.jpg

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