Sunday, September 2, 2012

Breakfast Bowl

I decided to soak the cashews that I mentioned in my last post. I was planning to make the hearty breakfast bowl from Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetite, which has a cheesy gravy as part of the recipe. I blended all of the sauce components and then heated it on the stove. I don't think I used enough cashews to get the sauce as thick as it was meant to be. Oh well. The recipe calls for finely ground cashews, but I soaked that volume of cashews. Probably not enough cashews... I used the sauce yesterday, but omitted it today. It was a little salty and thin, meh. My modified breakfast bowl today consisted of the original components of tofu scramble (omitting the black salt again), tater tots, and seitan bacon, but I used avocado to add a creamy element to the dish. The seitan bacon recipe is in the book also, but I should note that I had to add more vital wheat gluten to get a dough that would (imperfectly) roll out. I think the ratio of TVP to broth used in the bacon is off (1 cup to 1 cup, whereas other recipes I've seen call for 1 cup TVP to 7/8 cup liquid), adding more moisture to the dough than it needed. I broke my dough into two pieces that I could fit in my small (2 cup) food processor. I need to get a larger food processor with a dough button. *sigh* I really enjoyed the different components of today's bowl, usually poking two different things with the fork at the same time (tots/bacon and scramble/avocado).


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