Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Since today is a dark day in American history, I thought I'd post a few things that are making me smile lately. First up, my nails! I can't remember NOT biting my nails in my entire life. When I moved to Houston two months ago, I decided to recommit to some of my resolutions. I quit biting my nails. They were in ROUGH shape, but are finally looking nice. Yes, spending $60 on a manicure will make you stop biting your nails! At my last manicure, the nail tech clipped my nails back to my the edge of my fingers. My nails were just past the end of my fingers and I kept bumping them into things at work. One even got a tiny crack. This length should be perfect for work.
I ordered some shirts off the internet and a few of them have arrived. The first one is from Herbivore (shirt here) and the second one is from Vegan Cuts (shirt here). They're just so me, don't you think? ;)
IMG_0238 IMG_0231
Most of my mail still goes to my post office box in Florida. My mom checks it and sends my mail to me if it's something interesting. She finally sent this shirt to me. It's from the Running For Research organization that my friends started. Check out the site and donate to leukemia research. I made a donation for the last run-a-thon, but receiving this shirt was a complete surprise.

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