Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chloe's Lo Mein

I went to Barnes & Nobles over the holiday weekend. I received an email coupon, so I couldn't resist the chance to buy a new cookbook. I did survey the small selection of vegan cookbooks in this particular store a few times before I finally saw Chloe's Kitchen. I'm so excited to have this book! You'll be seeing a lot of recipes from this book, because I fell in love. The recipes are simple and there are lots of photos. I have a hard time getting excited over cookbooks without photos, because I want to see what I'd be making. Enough with the talk, more food! I made the recipe as is, except that I sauteed cubed tofu before making the dish. The recipe called for bean sprouts, which I bought. Bean sprouts go bad so quickly, so I blanched all the sprouts then took out what I needed for this recipe. The rest of the sprouts were portioned out and frozen. I got this idea from the internet, so I can use the frozen sprouts in future stir-fry recipes.
OK, back to supervising the kitties. They had dental cleanings and tooth extractions today, so I left work after lunch to pick them up from the vet. Sadly, one of the kitties peed in the crate on the way home. I felt so guilty for waiting until after lunch to pick them up. :( I also had to resist adopting an abandoned Sphynx that was super affectionate. He was just dying to get some playtime and attention.

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