Monday, September 17, 2012

Brunch at Radical Eats

Yesterday, the vegan social group had brunch at Radical Eats. It's a hole-in-the-wall type of place, but it has great character. I must say that it was much nicer on the inside yesterday than when I went in April. On Sundays, it's all you can eat brunch for $13, plus $2 for drinks (water, tea, coffee, and some bottled sodas). I had two plates in the hour that I was there. You can see tofu scramble, cornbread, creamed greens, pinto beans, and breakfast potatoes in the first photo. These were the buffet items, as well as fruit. The owner brought mini chocolate pancakes (more like brownies), sizzle cakes, and hatch and poblano chili tamales to the tables. Only the sizzle cake and a piece of the tamale made it into the second photo, we ate the brownie pancakes pretty quickly. I liked the heat in the sizzle cake and tamale. Overall, it was a nice little brunch talking with a lady I've met at other events. She works for the Girl Scouts! We left at the same time when this one guy showed up. He always seems high and reeks of cigarettes. Of course, because I have the worst luck in the world, he keeps trying to flirt with me. I had to tell him that I'm not interested yesterday. Awkward! Why can't I just find a guy with a PhD in a STEM field, who is vegan and not religious, and who doesn't use drugs? Oh yeah, that's like 0.0001% of the population!
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