Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vegan Potluck

Yesterday, I attended a vegan potluck. I brought baked donuts from Chloe's Kitchen. The recipe is designed to make 12 regular-size donuts, but I decided to make mini donuts instead. I was able to get 36 mini donuts, although some didn't have the donut hole after baking. If you're interested, the regular-size and mini donut pans are from Amazon. (I have these Norpro pans, but there are other brands, like Wilton, available.) These were ALL gone at the end of the night! I made the chocolate glaze recipe, which covered 24 of the mini donuts, and a half-recipe of the original glaze recipe for the rest. Since the chocolate glaze calls for chocolate chips, I bought Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips (in the gold bag, if you're a visual person). I noticed recently that they're actually dairy-free, unlike a lot of Ghirardelli's other chocolates. I was pretty happy, because Ghirardelli can be found in a lot more places than Enjoy Life or Chocolate Dream by Sunspire. At the potluck, they have reusable plastic ware, but they recommend that you bring your own servingware. I was able to wrap my silverware up in one of the snapping towels I ordered from Hello Kiddo Handmade. Now, on to the food! I loved the homemade tamales, one of bean dishes (had chickpeas, but they looked darker and smaller than I expected), the mashed sweet potatoes (with ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon), and the chocolate zucchini bread (recipe from Peas and Thank You cookbook, but not featured on the blog). You can see I liked these items so much from the first plate that they ended up on my second plate with desserts. :)
IMG_0233-1 IMG_0240 IMG_0241


  1. Dang! I should have gone to this potluck. Looks amazing.

  2. They're hosted by the Vegan Society for Peace in Houston. They have potlucks once a month, but there's usually a speaker, video, or demo included too.

  3. Where was this one? I usually go to the vegan potluck meet up group hosted by Teresa. I was part of the vegan meet up but like you mentioned in a previous post, some of the weirdos congregate in those and I got tired of having peta pamphlets pushed on me during dinner or having some raw guy telling me about his ph balance...yeah lol. The potluck group is just normal folks hanging out, usually with their crew of babies and toddlers. What other social groups have you tried?

    1. Oh no! I just saw this as I was looking at stats and posted comments. I am so sorry for a delayed response. I'll write on your blog too. The Vegan Society of Peace meets at the Havens Center on West Alabama Street in Houston. They don't push PETA pamphlets, but there are videos and demos to start conversations. I have only met a couple odd people there, but most of the people are really nice. :)