Friday, September 21, 2012

Trader Joe's!

I know so many people who rave about Trader Joe's. Now I can form my own opinion! They just opened a store in Houston. It was a bit chaotic today, but I got most of what I needed and several things I didn't. I didn't get to look into the frozen food sections, because of the crowds, but that was fine with me. I was leaving the store at rush hour, so I was afraid frozen foods might have defrosted in the car. They did not have whole white onions, only pre-diced, or bread that I thought looked good, so I did stop at my regular grocery on the way home. The new Trader Joe's in an old movie theater. They kept the sign, as well as having a painting in the entry way honoring the old theater.
I bought mostly produce (duh, I'm a vegan!), but these are the exciting items. From the top left, there are soy and coconut yogurts, dark chocolate covered mini pretzels, dark chocolate crisps (like a Crunch bar with rice puffs, not a chocolate covered chip, although they did have milk chocolate covered chips!), cookie butter (their version of Speculoos, a spread made from those cookies you get on airplanes), brown rice pasta for a recipe later this week, and cinnamon and crescent rolls in a tube. I was most excited about the cinnamon rolls, since Pillsbury brand are not vegan due to some milk ingredient.

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