Saturday, September 22, 2012


You know that I HAD to make those Trader Joe's cinnamon rolls right away! Vegan cinnamon rolls are such a treat; they're not super easy to find but always worth it. In fact, my last cinnamon roll was at Cinnaholic in Berkeley, CA. The local Sinfull Bakery had cinnamon rolls at their farmers' market booth, but I bought the potpie instead. When you want to cook breakfast/brunch at home, these TJ's rolls in a tube are a great choice. I popped these in the oven, then sauteed some onion and green pepper with soy chorizo. The soy chorizo is by Helen's Kitchen and I had frozen it a while back. It defrosted overnight and was a great side to the buns. I also had the TJ's coconut yogurt with my brunch. I think the yogurt would be better if it were thicker, maybe I can strain it if I buy it again. I could use this FatFreeVegan post as a guideline.

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