Thursday, September 13, 2012


Finally, a homemade vegan burger that held together really well. These burgers are from Chloe's Kitchen. They contained steamed tempeh, cooked lentils, and walnuts, which are processed in the food processor. I made my lentils in the rice cooker to save time using this forum post as a guideline. These actually held together when I flipped them in the pan, plus running the ingredients through the food processor made that possible. I've made other lentil burgers that ended up being lentil hash on a bun. I wish I had thought about using the food processor on those days. The recipe also has a "special sauce" using silken tofu, fresh dill, pickle relish, ketchup, and mustard. Pretty easy to blend together and serve a little with each burgers. I never liked the sauces at fast food places, but it was a nice change from ketchup. I served these with sweet potato fries and peas (not pictured, they were in the microwave).

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