Friday, August 31, 2012


I was so excited to leave work early and come home to make dinner - a breakfast themed bowl that sounded more unhealthy than it actually is. Totally didn't realize that the recipe calls for finely ground cashews. I have no clue how I'd grind cashews. Wouldn't the blender or food processor make cashew butter? I came home to realize that the dinner is not going to happen tonight. D'oh! I even remembered to press the tofu! I decided to soak the cashews, so they'll blend more easily with the other ingredients called for in the sauce recipe. Blending the sauce ingredients sounds like a safe plan. I will be heading to Chipotle for dinner tonight to use a free guac and chips coupon (you have to buy a burrito/tacos/salad to get the free items). I know what you're thinking. I could use the pressed tofu tonight in something else, then press more tofu for the dish I wanted to make. I had tofu for the last two days. Making another tofu dish then the one I wanted would mean 6 days of tofu. I think that might be a bit too much tofu, even for a tofu lover like me. I'll break it up with Chipotle tonight. Since I have no food photos to share, I'll share some quotes. :)


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