Monday, August 6, 2012

Tofu Cheesesteaks and Avocado Fries

I waited all week last week for the weekend, because I wanted to make this slow-baked tofu cheesesteak sandwich! The recipe says there are shortcuts, but I didn't want to short-change a potentially awesome sandwich. When I made the sandwiches yesterday, I tried them with smashed avocado instead of the avocado aioli. I was not interested in buying a $6 jar of vegan mayo when I *hated* regular mayo. I can't imagine what I'd use the rest of the jar for, so I just used smashed avocado. I thought the flavor of the avocado got drowned out by the Daiya havarti cheese that I used. Tonight, I decided to use the rest of my avocado for baked avocado fries. These seem really popular on Pinterest, so I wanted to veganize them. I used Ener-G instead of egg, Earth Balance margarine for the butter, and Whole Foods brand panko bread crumbs. I would recommend increasing the seasoning quite a bit, because the seasoning was hard to taste. I saw on several other recipes that avocado would need to be seasoned aggressively if baked. I agree and I wish I had used some cayenne pepper to give the fries a kick. Overall, the sandwich was awesome and fries have serious potential. :)


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