Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello Kiddo Handmade

I'm always looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste I generate. I have been carting the same two boxes of Ziploc bags during moves for years since I use Pyrex glass and some plastic storage (for the plastic, hand wash and do not microwave!), I wash my aluminum foil before putting it in the recycling, and I bought a Rubbermaid spray mop to resist buying a Swiffer (had the vacuum one in BR and loved it, but left it). I sometimes reach for paper towels for small messes, but I really shouldn't. I go through them very slowly, since I use them mostly to wipe out the cat boxes when needed. I do use them for little spills, but I shouldn't use them so much for those little spills. I decided to try to convince my friend Ashley to sew an alternative. I had seen snapping towels on Etsy, but didn't want to pay the price requested. When Ashley posted a picture of a bowl cover that could be an alternative to plastic wrap, I suggested the towels on her facebook. She agreed and contacted me over the details. She even came up with a durable way to use the towels on a standard holder - adding snaps to plastic stitching board! I love the towels and bowl covers. I bought two sets of towels (15 towels of each design) and a three-piece set of bowl covers (small, medium, and large sizes). Here are some photos to show off my goodies from Hello Kiddo Handmade. I love the little care tags that were sent with the thank you note. :)







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