Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweet & Savory Tofu

I am known to enjoy the combination of sweet and savory on occasion. I pinned this sweet chili tofu recipe on my Pinterest board a while ago, but decided to make it now that I have an abundance of tofu. The Costco in this area has a 3-pack of tofu for only $5! I am a happy girl. :)

For the sweet chili tofu, I pressed it for a while using my Tofu Xpress. I marinated the tofu in the sauce recipe during the day while I was at work. When I cooked the tofu in the skillet, I made another batch of the sauce to add to the tofu. So much flavor. I skipped the coconut quinoa recipe, but used the kale recipe with spinach instead. I know this photo is rather blah, but I literally was about to eat the first bite before I realized I should snap a quick photo.


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