Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Vegan Snacks

I've been spending my weekends checking out grocery stores. Not the most exciting thing ever, but I've really enjoyed it. There are 3 different Whole Foods within a decent drive, a Trader Joe's is on the way, and several regular grocery stores. I've found a few new snacks worth mentioning. I'm still on the hunt for Beanfield chips, because the HEB Central Market that is listed on the Beanfield website did not have them in stock when I've visited the store. That store has knife-sharpening and a surprisingly good selection of vegan goodies and a LARGE bulk section. If I lived closer, it might be a viable alternative to Whole Foods for certain items.

Beanitos - the chipotle bbq variety is amazing
Crispy Cat mint coconut bar - weird combo, but tasty

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