Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Samosa Casserole

I've had this casserole recipe on my Pinterest for a very long time, so I finally decided to make it. I had intended to make this over the weekend, since it's a bit involved. However, I took my knives in for sharpening this weekend, so I couldn't prep all the vegetables. Since I finished work early today and my advisor didn't come in, I decided to make this casserole finally. The cauliflower was starting to look a little sad in my fridge. Overall, I liked the flavors of the casserole, but I think I'd double the dough recipe in the future. I rolled the dough out really thin and still couldn't get it to fully cover my large casserole dish. I used all purpose flour, since I didn't have any wheat flours on hand. I also put all the potatoes on the bottom to soak up any juices left from cooking the other vegetables in the vegetable broth.


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