Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three-Alarm Lo Mein

I had some rice noodles hanging out in the pantry for what seems like forever. I was flipping through Vegan Fire & Spice and saw this recipe. It uses chili oil, but I didn't think it was very hot. Maybe the chili oil I have isn't that hot. This recipe calls for bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, and Asian tofu. The recipe calls for store-bought pre-marinated tofu, but I used the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance. The two tofu marinades (Asian and Italian) in that book are gold! I use them frequently. I pressed my tofu overnight with my Tofu Xpress, then let it marinate all day while I was at work. Between the pressing and long marinating time, these tofu triangles get some color, which is amplified by a 5 minute cooking time on each side. This was a great recipe, but I think I should have included a little Sriracha when serving the dish.


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