Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bean-balls (hehe)

Instead of meatballs, I like to make bean-balls. I've made tempeh bean-balls in the past (see this post). I decided to try a different bean ball recipe. I saw this white bean recipe on Pinterest. I soaked and cooked my beans, instead of using beans from a can. I used a flax egg (2 Tbs milled flax + 2-3 Tbs water). Because I added a little more roasted red pepper, I should have used more bread crumbs. I just cooked them a little longer to dry them out some. They were quite good and surprisingly flavorful given the simplicity of the recipe. I served them over a little portion of whole wheat pasta with some pre-made sauce from a jar. I even added a little bit of the Daiya jack wedge, which really pushed this dish to the next level. I should mention that I love my silicone baking mat. I totally recommend buying one! :)


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