Friday, July 6, 2012

Settling in nicely

I'm all settled into my new place. Just going to work on my patio tomorrow. I still don't have internet at home, so pictures will come later. I start my postdoc on Monday! I spent a couple days unpacking and cleaning, arranging my furniture, setting up my new kitchen, and doing laundry and dishes. I'm ready to tackle the patio tomorrow - it needs a screen over the top, some weatherstripping around the door, some plants by the door, and some weed barrier laid down to cover the dirt. I plan to pamper myself on Sunday. I need a haircut and I'd love to go to the movies. Maybe get a pedicure... And a manicure to stop biting my nails. I was doing OK and could go about a week before some stress trigger set me off biting them again. Anyways, I'll post again when I get internet at home. Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!

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